Lighting IceCandles

Ahead of the warmer weather, it seemed a good idea to set the IceCandles up for night time viewing.

The water balloons sat outside for a bit, and partially thawed when they were in the sun for a day. They were moved to a shady spot, and turned over. Placing a small deli container filled with water beneath them allowed the IceCandles to freeze a nice flat base.

To get the ceramic candle holders out of the ice block, a little warm water was poured over the candle holder. Once the holder was free of ice, it was filled with warm water, and it separated from the IceCandle.

Tea Candles fit nicely into the cavity, and they looked great all lit up on the front step. in the video above, the fourth candle was a little fussy. You can see how the last one came out in this video.

There are photos of this project.

About Chris Connors

Making things is the best way to learn about our world.
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