Didgeridoo Mouthpiece Making

After attending a workshop on playing the Didgeridoo, I decided to try my hand at making the instrument.

In this round, I made the mouthpiece for two of the drone instruments, using the following process:

  • Make a double boiler, and melt a candle or two in the inside bowl.
  • While the wax is still molten, dip the end of the pvc pipe into the liquid.
  • The wax will attach to the pipe and start to cool off. To cool it faster, you can dip the waxed end in a container of ice water.
  • Repeat this step several times. This process is very similar to how candles are dipped.
  • As each layer is formed, the wax becomes thicker, eventually narrowing the mouthpiece of the instrument so that it will seal around the player’s mouth.

There are other ways of forming the wax mouthpiece. One way is to soften the wax, but not to melt it. Then, when the wax is still pliable, you can form it around the end of the pipe to make the mouthpiece.

There are photos of this project. There is also a shorter, alternate video, with less banging of parts on the table.

About Chris Connors

Making things is the best way to learn about our world.
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