Grocery Feedbag

At horse barns, they use a lot of these bags of feed. They have a nice picture on them, and seem to be made of sturdy material. I took one bag to do some experimenting with, and it appears that these can be turned into an excellent, reusable grocery bag.

The first sewing machine I tried had some issues, it was clunking and not sewing effectively. When the needle snapped, I set it aside, along with the project. This second sewing machine turned up a few days later, and worked very effectively for this project.

Making a grocery bag out of this ‘plastic burlap’ material was pretty easy, and took a bit more than an hour. The design of the bag includes a square, flat bottom. Sewing this panel on was fairly challenging. It would probably be much easier to turn the material inside out, and sew the bottom in one straight line. The bag wouldn’t sit flat on the floor as easily as it does now, but the bag would be much simpler to sew.

Bags like this would be good to use as a fundraiser, and people who are interested in horses would find lots of uses for such a sturdy bag.

About Chris Connors

Making things is the best way to learn about our world.
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