TapeTricity Cards

At Maker Faire, I had a chance to make TapeTricity Cards with a few hundred people.

TapeTricity is quite possibly the simplest way to introduce electricity to people. THere were kids as young as three or four who made their own working circuits (the younger ones got some parental help). This project was fun, because people got a chance to make a drawing, which they then picked out some places for LEDs. Next, they built a simple circuit out of tape, batteries and LEDs. It is a fairly quick project, and costs about a quarter per person.

TapeTricity Treehopper

Tamara from Brown Paper Tickets along with Windell and Lenore of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories were helpful in supporting this workshop.

There are photos of this project.

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Making things is the best way to learn about our world.
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5 Responses to TapeTricity Cards

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  2. Ed says:

    It’d be nice to know where to buy LEDs and how much they cost. He just said they’re available at different places and that they are cheap. Not very helpful.

  3. Chris Connors says:

    If you search online for “bulk LEDs” you should get some good options. eBay should be your friend, too. As for stores, try radio shack. Jameco, Maker Shed, and Sparkfun all carry LEDs. Shop around and go cheap.

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