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Replacing a Smartphone Screen

When my phone slipped out of my pocket and landed on brick, the shiny touch screen shattered instantly. In a second, it gained new textures. I got sad. I got even sadder when I remembered that I had rejected the broken screen coverage offered by my carrier.

Eventually, I realized that it wasn’t the end of the world to break the screen on a phone, for a few reasons:
The screen replacement coverage seems to have a deductible, of perhaps $100 (Since I didn’t have the coverage, I didn’t look into it too carefully)
Taking the phone to a store and having it done would cost about $100, and would take a day or two for it to be returned.
Buying a replacement screen online is possible, at a fraction of the replacement service cost.
Replacing the screen yourself is possible, at a cost of $0 Continue reading

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Radio Takepart Discovery

Wondering what you might find inside an old radio or boombox? In this video, I explain a bit about what the guts of a radio are. There is also a bit of discussion about the tools and techniques.

Taking apart devices that we use on a regular basis can provide a fascinating view of what things are and how they work.

There are photos of this project. Continue reading

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