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Grippy Ice Bike Tires

With some sheet metal screws and a band of duct tape, you can convert regular mountain bike tires into serious grippy ice bike tires.

This bike modification was the result of a very snowy winter in the spring of 2005. After riding it in the snow, I have decided that it would be a better ice bike. The winter of 05-06 never got quite cold enough for the cranberry bogs to freeze up, so no testing that winter. I will hold onto the tires for next winter, the rubber is kind of degraded, and they probably won’t last forever. Having an extra set of ice tires for the bike is definitely a good idea. For more applications of this idea, look up Ice Velocipede. Continue reading

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Parts to Harvest from Kiddie Cars

Inside kid’s ride on toys, you can find a great collection of parts for projects. Depending on what toy you have, you may find electric motors, gearboxes, batteries, chargers, motor controllers and more. Continue reading

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Electric Car Components

Adam and Chad have been working with Electric Vehicles (EV’s), and they explain how the components of the system work together.

All electric vehicles have a motor, a battery, a controller and an accelerator. Different sized vehicles will need larger or smaller components. Each of these components must be installed properly in the vehicle for it to work properly. Continue reading

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