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The Development of 3Doodler

As 3Doodler’s Kickstarter campaign was taking off, I had a chance to chat with Peter Dilworth of WobbleWorks at Artisans Asylum.

We talked about how the new product works, and a bit of how it was developed. As an experimenter with 3D printing, most of these systems are familiar. The 3Doodler is a bit different from a 3D printer in that it doesn’t come attached to a robot that moves in three axes. Being able to create solid designs while using hand motions seems like a simple, yet empowering technology. Continue reading

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StereoGram Camera Rig

Our eyes help us to perceive three dimensional depth by having two visual sensors, separated by about 100mm of distance. This slight difference between the right and left eye is enough for us to see what is in front or behind the things we see. Since most cameras have only one lens, they show a two dimensional view of the scene.

Stereograms were invented during the early days of photography, and used two cameras, slightly offset, to show three dimensional scenes. Continue reading

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