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Making IceCandles

Since it is super cold out here today, it seemed like a good time to try out the IceCandle Project that I saw on the Make blog. The way this works is that you freeze water in a container with a void to hold the candle. I opted to create the void at the same time that the water freezes by placing a candle holder in the bottom of a bowl that holds the ice. Another modification that I made to this design was to use condoms instead of balloons to make the IceCandles. Continue reading

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Grippy Ice Bike Tires

With some sheet metal screws and a band of duct tape, you can convert regular mountain bike tires into serious grippy ice bike tires.

This bike modification was the result of a very snowy winter in the spring of 2005. After riding it in the snow, I have decided that it would be a better ice bike. The winter of 05-06 never got quite cold enough for the cranberry bogs to freeze up, so no testing that winter. I will hold onto the tires for next winter, the rubber is kind of degraded, and they probably won’t last forever. Having an extra set of ice tires for the bike is definitely a good idea. For more applications of this idea, look up Ice Velocipede. Continue reading

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