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Starting with Arduino

There are lots of people who are doing interesting and innovative things with Arduino. Some of what is shown off online seems to be wildly complex. It seemed important to explore the basics. It might even make sense to build a few simple and easy circuits with their associated programs daily while building up a strong base of knowledge and experience with the system. One strategy that proved effective for these experiments was to leave the circuits installed on the breadboard. This allowed for maximum experimentation time by reducing the time to build, dismantle and rebuild the circuits. Continue reading

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Making Shoe Inserts

If you are dissatisfied with the way your shoes fit your feet, you can make shoe inserts. This project comes about after trying custom orthotic inserts, and several brands of store bought shoe inserts.

The inserts are the result of several iterations and months of iterative testing. Once the design was finalized, the parts were traced onto a template material, from which future shoe inserts can be made. Continue reading

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Drilling holes in bottles

Dan and Laura were drilling holes in bottles. To do this, they needed a diamond encrusted hole saw, and they controlled the heat flow around the drill site.

They practiced on a test bottle, to make sure that they had the right technique before making the ones they wanted for the final project. Continue reading

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