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4 Drawer Resistor Storage

Storing resistors can be a little bit of a pain. If you just drop them all in the same bin, you won’t be able to find the correct value when you need it. Many electronics benches dedicate a lot of space to storing each resistor value in its own drawer. This can be a challenge if you only have a few of a particular value, or if you need to add to the system after the drawers have been ordered.

I’ve been using a simple drawer system for storing resistors, and this has worked for me over at least a decade of experimenting in several different spaces. Continue reading

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Forced Hot Water Heating System

This house is heated by forced hot water. Natural gas is burned to heat the water that is stored in a loop that goes to the radiators in the house. When the thermostat recognizes that the room temperature has fallen below a set limit, a signal goes to the furnace, which turns on and heats the water. Heated water then flows through the pipes to the radiators. The radiators are heat exchangers, and transfer the heat into the air in the room. When the temperature at the thermostat reaches the preset level, the system stops sending hot water to the radiators. Continue reading

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Domestic Hot Water

In this house, the hot water system uses a tank. Natural gas is burned to heat water, which sits in a tank until somebody turns on a faucet or appliance that demands hot water. The hot water then flows through the house’s pipes to the faucet, where it is used and then drained to the sewer system. Continue reading

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Radio Takepart Discovery

Wondering what you might find inside an old radio or boombox? In this video, I explain a bit about what the guts of a radio are. There is also a bit of discussion about the tools and techniques.

Taking apart devices that we use on a regular basis can provide a fascinating view of what things are and how they work.

There are photos of this project. Continue reading

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