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StereoGram Camera Rig

Our eyes help us to perceive three dimensional depth by having two visual sensors, separated by about 100mm of distance. This slight difference between the right and left eye is enough for us to see what is in front or behind the things we see. Since most cameras have only one lens, they show a two dimensional view of the scene.

Stereograms were invented during the early days of photography, and used two cameras, slightly offset, to show three dimensional scenes. Continue reading

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Paper Robot Hand

Kathy Ceceri was demonstrating a robot hand similar to this one at World Maker Faire 2012. She had several robotic projects that were similarly fascinating, and used regular materials. I talked with her about some of the neat designs and later, picked up a copy of her book Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future with 20 Projects.

After looking through her instructions, I modified them a bit to make my robot hand a bit more durable and consistent. My main changes were to trace my actual hand for the shape, and to add the paper backing, which makes the fingers fall back into place easily. Continue reading

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Making Canes

Canes are fairly expensive, which results in people who need them only owning one. It is possible to create a much more cost effective solution by using lacrosse sticks, crutch feet, PVC pipe and fittings.

By reducing the cost of the cane, it should be possible to provide more than one cane to a person. Reduced cost would also allow people living in the developing world to have better canes. Continue reading

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Making Shoe Inserts

If you are dissatisfied with the way your shoes fit your feet, you can make shoe inserts. This project comes about after trying custom orthotic inserts, and several brands of store bought shoe inserts.

The inserts are the result of several iterations and months of iterative testing. Once the design was finalized, the parts were traced onto a template material, from which future shoe inserts can be made. Continue reading

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