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Custom Baking Pans

You can use metal forming to create a mold for baking little cakes. These pans were developed for baking lots of Twinkies.

The technique for this project came from an Instructable. This showed how to make the pan, but didn’t go into the process for producing many of them. It also gave a good recipe for baking the cakes. In a separate session, I experimented with an angel food cake mix, which was not as good as the yellow cake mix indicated in the instructable above. For a baking instruction that does not use any mixes, see Hilah Cooking’s version of the project. Continue reading

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Lighting IceCandles

Ahead of the warmer weather, it seemed a good idea to set the IceCandles up for night time viewing.

The water balloons sat outside for a bit, and partially thawed when they were in the sun for a day. They were moved to a shady spot, and turned over. Placing a small deli container filled with water beneath them allowed the IceCandles to freeze a nice flat base. Continue reading

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Making IceCandles

Since it is super cold out here today, it seemed like a good time to try out the IceCandle Project that I saw on the Make blog. The way this works is that you freeze water in a container with a void to hold the candle. I opted to create the void at the same time that the water freezes by placing a candle holder in the bottom of a bowl that holds the ice. Another modification that I made to this design was to use condoms instead of balloons to make the IceCandles. Continue reading

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